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Trainings and presentations

I offer customized trainings to providers, law enforcement, military audiences, health professionals, educators, and others on sexual assault prevention. Popular topics include incest, healing and resilience, Sexual Assault 101, best practices for supporting survivors, and consent/abuse prevention. One of my niche areas is interactive lectures for college audiences. Discussions on sexual violence are relevant to many disciplines, including sociology, education, criminal justice, and health/wellness. I also lecture on the topic of incest - who it affects and how, and what can be done about it.

Here's an example of a conversation I recently had with the Tori Franco Show on the topic of incest.

Suzanne Isaza talks with Tori Franco.png
Incest awareness

Despite the launch of the #MeToo movement several years ago and the many survivor tories told since then, still, no one is talking about incest. 

I created and co-direct Incest AWARE and the first-of-its kind web resource ​ Incest AWARE is devoted entirely to the topic of incest and its prevention. The organization and the information on the website are resources for survivors, their loved ones, and those taking action to stop incest and raise awareness.

Survivor-advocate support

Survivors and advocates of sexual assault prevention are moving this issue forward! 

In 2019, I founded the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN),a network of survivor-advocates coming together to provide mutual support, share best practices, and stay inspired. Its lively and active Facebook group is open to all advocates working to end violence. Email if you'd like to get involved or learn more.

Grant consultation and nonprofit writing services

As a grant consultant and nonprofit writer, I help organizations to obtain charitable funding - over $30M since 2000 - and publicize their work to the community. I assist survivors, advocates, and violence prevention organizations with a range of writing services, including websites, social media, grants, reports, and publications. Email me at to learn more.

What others are saying

"I was thrilled to be in the audience for Suzanne's talk on aggressors close to home. She shared essential information on detecting and preventing child abuse in a way that was easy to receive and put into practice. Somehow she made a heavy topic light, accessible and comfortable to sit through. If your group is looking for a speaker to bring loving light to child abuse, incest abuse or surrounding topics, look no further than Suzanne Isaza!" - Jace Downey, Founder, The illumitorium

"I loved your presentation yesterday! I am so grateful for the work you do and that our students were given the opportunity to visit so many issues with you. You interwove your own story in our cultural context with issues so relevant to us. I loved the way you invited and allowed us to breathe and reflect in a way that did not overwhelm but allowed us to enter huge, tender and tough issues." - Barbara Lamagna, Health Professor

"Thank you so much for being our speaker today! It was quite literally perfect! Thanks again for your wonderful presence, work, and compassion." - Nora Flanagan, HelpLine of Delaware and Morrow Counties

“​It was a privilege working with Suzanne. As a nonprofit leader, I worked closely with Suzanne as she researched funding opportunities and then skillfully and artfully prepared grant applications to government and foundation sources, resulting in the significant growth of my organization. I can’t think of a more accomplished grant consultant!” - Roberta Hazen Aaronson, Executive Director

"My students always learn so much from you. Your are a natural teacher." - Prachi Kene, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Counseling

"Suzanne is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate advocate for individuals who have experienced sexual assault and the trauma that accompanies it. Audiences are in for a life-altering experience. Suzanne compiles thorough research and presents in an easy to comprehend manner. Questions and interactive communication from audience members are encouraged. As an LICSW who works with sexual assault survivors and offenders, I strongly believe Suzanne's presentations will assist in opening society's eyes and minds and hopefully begin to break the cycle of silence." - Darlene Correia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I cannot thank you enough for coming to speak today. You are a walking miracle in my opinion!" - Nancy-Lee Devane, Psychology Professor

"Suzanne was the best person I worked with in fund development in my organization. She has strong critical thinking skills, engages in high level dialogues about different grant opportunities, and is strategic in developing cases. Suzanne is an exceptional writer who consistently meets deadlines. While detail oriented and precise, Suzanne's writing always has good flow. She has exceptional editing and proofing skills. Suzanne is a pleasant, versatile, and optimistic person. She holds herself accountable to the highest standards for personal and professional integrity." - Bob O., Nonprofit Fund Development Director

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful, informative, and heartfelt presentation. You provided the audience with exceptionally engaging, thought-provoking, and meaningful information that they will be able to use in nursing practice. You gave voice and courage to other victims." - Monika Schuler, Nursing Professor

"Suzanne engages with people in such a way that they feel empowered and willing to ask insightful questions." - Dana Mayhew, Criminal Justice and Sociology Professor

"I connected with Suzanne in 2019 through her organization Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN). Suzanne is an outspoken advocate for incest awareness and violence prevention. She helped me reconnect with victim advocacy and understand how you can support survivors in virtually any job. She excels at planning for sustainability and is a dedicated team player. I highly recommend Suzanne for any individual or organization working to support survivor-advocates!" - Laura Reid, Social Worker and Advocate

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