"I loved your presentation yesterday! I am so grateful for the work you do and that our students were given the opportunity to visit so many issues with you. You interwove your own story in our cultural context with issues so relevant to us. I loved the way you invited and allowed us to breathe and reflect in a way that did not overwhelm but allowed us to enter huge, tender and tough issues."

Barbara Lamagna, Professor   

"Suzanne is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate advocate for individuals who have experienced sexual assault and the trauma that accompanies the trauma. Audiences who are fortunate to be in attendance at Suzanne’s presentations are in for a life-altering experience. Suzanne compiles thorough research and presents in an easy to comprehend manner. Questions and interactive communication from audience members are welcomed and encouraged.  
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with sexual assault survivors and offenders, I strongly believe Suzanne’s presentations and the information encompassed within said appearances will assist in opening society’s eyes and minds, and hopefully begin to break the cycle of silence."
Darlene Correia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
"I cannot thank you enough for coming into my class today. You are a walking miracle in my opinion! I am grateful for the privilege of hearing your story and hope that you will consider returning to us."


Nancy-Lee Devane, Associate Professor 

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful, informative, and heartfelt presentation . You provided the audience with exceptionally engaging, thought provoking, and meaningful information that they will be able to use in nursing practice. You gave voice and courage to other victims."


Monika Schuler, Assistant Professor of Nursing 

"Suzanne offers a thorough presentation which addresses a difficult, yet important, subject in an approachable and accessible manner.  She engages with students in such a way that they feel empowered and willing to ask insightful questions."


Dana Mayhew, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology 



Updated June 2020

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