As a survivor of sexual assault, I know firsthand how complex and emotional this topic is. Yet to end violence, we all have to get educated on its causes and how we, as a community, can prevent it. Through presentations, articles, and survivor outreach, my personal goal is to provide information and support that inspires action. Contact me to learn more or to discuss a presentation for your group.


I offer trainings to providers, law enforcement, health professionals, educators, and others on sexual assault prevention. These sessions can be customized for each unique audience. Topics have included: incest, the role of nurses in identifying survivors, reporting assaults, and supporting victims; teaching consent and prevention abuse in schools, sexual violence and the criminal justice system; and working compassionately and effectively with survivors and their families.

Discussions on sexual violence are relevant to many disciplines. including sociology, education, criminal justice, and health/wellness. Through interactive discussions, students explore the dynamics of sexual violence, reporting, consent, and survivor healing. I also lecture on the topic of incest - who it affects and how, and what can be done about it.

Survivors and advocates of sexual assault prevention are moving this issue forward! SAAN (visit us at is a network of survivor-advocates coming together to provide mutual support, share best practices, and stay inspired. The SAAN Facebook group is open to all advocates working to end violence. Contact me if you'd like to get involved or learn more.

I've written a series of articles to get the public up to speed on sexual violence topics such as child trafficking, teaching consent, and preventing abuse in education and at home. Contact me if you'd like to take a look.

Updated June 2020

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